Donald J. Trump


“You need lipstick”

Appearing in this website for an unprecedented third time, this Despicable Jerk has proven to be so vile and ghastly he has given a thumbs up to calling his own daughter “a piece of ass,” and casting doubt on thousands of independent, hard-working, honest election commissioners – both Republicans and Democrats – by saying the 2016 presidential election is rigged. The word “ass” has not been used so liberally since Bogus Party candidate Blasphemer X. Phuckhead’s infamous 1924 campaign. Back then Calvin Coolidge kicked Phuckhead’s ass by promising a chicken in every pot – while Phuckhead promised to shove a chicken up his opponent’s ass. Donald Trump has made political history by eclipsing such conduct in a whirlwind of slime and slander. Perhaps the most telling effect on this election is that he has accomplished what many people thought was impossible – making Hillary Clinton look good.


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2 Responses to Donald J. Trump

  1. Peter Gadzinski says:

    Lipstick is not enough. A pig is still a pig.

  2. kerrtoons says:

    Hence the expression. The Donald needs a makeover. We need a do over.
    ps we missed you last night.

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