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The Patriotic Twins

Yellow flags are all over the New England Patriots playing field these days for owner Robert Kraft and fired receiver Antonio Brown. Kraft has yet to shake the Orchids of Asia scandal while Brown faces sexual misconduct accusations from a former … Continue reading

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The Great White Presidents — One Hero — One Jerk

Time for a comparison of the two Great White Republican Presidents. Teddy Roosevelt was a man’s man and a president who flaunted the USA’s emerging military might by sending the United States Navy’s Great White Fleet on a world tour. … Continue reading

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Bob Iger

Anyone visiting a Disney theme park recently has noticed massive increases in admission fees, and prices for food and other items. Apparently Disney CEO Bob Iger needed the money because it was time for a haircut or he needed his … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Epstein

“Oh, Goody, a new room mate. I broke the last one.” Jerky Jeff apparently feels the old saying “Money can’t buy everything,” doesn’t apply to him. According to the US Attorney in Manhattan, Epstein has found money can buy the … Continue reading

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Inappropriate Jerks

“Take a seat, honey.” Okay, this brings up a touchy topic for a site where acting like a jerk is not only respected, but is revered in the same sense America’s First Amendment is revered. So how do we get … Continue reading

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Frank McGree

McGree? We thought it was McGREEDY. It’s almost too easy to villainize a guy whose name rhymes with “Simon Legree,” the infamous evil character in Uncle Tom’s Cabin. In a spurt of excellent journalism The Omaha World-Herald reported McGree had turned the time … Continue reading

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The Donald

Donald Trump is like that blowhard at the corner bar who talks so loud and long it is impossible to interrupt him with facts and logic. Since we all have friends like that, we’ve been ignoring him and all the … Continue reading

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