Bill Kintner

Nebraska State Senator Bill Kintner is an ultra-conservative Bible-thumping Tea-Party-proud American always posing under a photo of Ronald Reagan. He also is the guy who used his state-issued laptop computer to have video sex with a woman who later tried to blackmail him. Despicable Jerks just don’t get any sillier. Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts and most of the legislature want him to resign.  He refuses because he apparently believes masturbating with a whore over Skype is a God given right – not subject to common decency or Nebraska law covering use of state property. We’d also like him to stay in office. Who knows what new perversions he will commit while President Reagan watches over his shoulder? He may be the only state senator who is consistently good copy.


In lust we trust

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8 Responses to Bill Kintner

  1. Mary Jo Langdon says:

    Hahaha! You just can’t make this stuff up!!

  2. R, Dinsmore says:

    Just great. Little Donnie hands too !.
    Please keep these coming, thx

  3. Peter Gadzinski says:

    Love Reagan’s expression! One quibble. I would have placed Kintner’s left hand UNDER the desk…

  4. kerrtoons says:

    We do have our standards-even if he doesn’t.

  5. kerrtoons says:

    Great values, better commentary.

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