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The Mooch

The creative team behind this website has been waiting their entire careers for Anthony Scaramucci to come along.  “The Mooch” was the gift that promised to keep on giving. We looked forward to many more graphic, colorful, obscene insights to the … Continue reading

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Governor Chris Christie

“Thar he blows!” When New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was seen enjoying time on a beach he closed to the public because of the state’s failure to pass a budget, we thought it was a joke. But when asked about it, Christie … Continue reading

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Unfriendly Skies

The sad news, his luggage probably made it. Jerk-lovers everywhere rejoiced with the news United Airlines had dragged a seated passenger off one of their jets to make room for crew members needed at other airports.  So many jerk targets.  … Continue reading

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Stephen Miller

Resistance is futile This is the most outrageous despicable jerk of the year – so far at least. When Donald Trump’s stooge-stand-in, Obergruppenfuhrer Stephen Miller appeared on all the Sunday morning talk shows on February 12, 2017 and, in a … Continue reading

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Inappropriate Jerks

“Take a seat, honey.” Okay, this brings up a touchy topic for a site where acting like a jerk is not only respected, but is revered in the same sense America’s First Amendment is revered. So how do we get … Continue reading

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Donald J. Trump

“You need lipstick” Appearing in this website for an unprecedented third time, this Despicable Jerk has proven to be so vile and ghastly he has given a thumbs up to calling his own daughter “a piece of ass,” and casting … Continue reading

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Bill Kintner

Nebraska State Senator Bill Kintner is an ultra-conservative Bible-thumping Tea-Party-proud American always posing under a photo of Ronald Reagan. He also is the guy who used his state-issued laptop computer to have video sex with a woman who later tried … Continue reading

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