Faux Truckers

Big Truck To be clear, these aren’t the construction workers, farmers, and others who drive pickup trucks almost everywhere these days. This is about the (mostly) guys who have the money to buy the gigantic pickups with dual wheels and enough horsepower to drive through buildings – which they sometimes do because they don’t know how to operate a truck – any truck. These (mostly) guys use their big machines to go to the wine shop and “pickup” the latest she-she merlot – taking up two or three parking spots. The pickup box is unused and pristine. These (mostly) guys love to drive right up on your rear bumper while you are in a long line in traffic. What the hell are they thinking?  That you can drive over the top of the line?  Some think these Faux Truckers do this to make up for small genitalia. Perhaps, but they are monumental jerks – and we say to them, “Go Faux Yourself.”

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