Jeffrey Epstein

“Oh, Goody, a new room mate. I broke the last one.”
Epstein767Jerky Jeff apparently feels the old saying “Money can’t buy everything,” doesn’t apply to him. According to the US Attorney in Manhattan, Epstein has found money can buy the occasional 14 year old for nefarious purposes. Jeff is also willing to spend 100-million dollars to get out of jail.  However the US Attorneys up north don’t seem to be the push overs Jeff encountered in Miami when then US Attorney Alex Acosta arranged a plea deal that turned out to be a slap on the wrist — an act Jeff may have actually enjoyed. Among other things, Jeff’s case can be read simply as a warning to wealthy perverts. You can screw a tot on the sidewalk in Florida and get a sweetheart deal, but if you try that crap in New York City — watch out.  Your next sweetheart might be a fellow inmate in a Federal penitentiary and not exactly to your liking.

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