So many ROBO-JERKS — So Little Time

robo callers748
“Hi, my name is Veronica, and there’s nothing wrong with your credit.”
The June 2019 announcement by the Federal Trade Commission that it has blocked a billion robocalls as part of a new crackdown would be good news if there weren’t — by the FTC’s own estimate — “tens of billions” of illegal robocalls every year.  It’s time for private enterprise to come to the aid of — well, private enterprise. After all, the nation that invented Chiclets is not to be trifled with. Oh sure, some enterprising entrepreneur might invent a well-tuned cyclotron to send an electric charge of 100,000 volts into the ether – vaporizing the robocaller, but that wouldn’t solve the problem. It must extend to the bloated moneybags who hire the poor robo-calling staffers. Come on America!  If you can put a gangster like Al Capone in prison on an income tax charge, you can put these jerks somewhere they can’t call great-aunt Martha, just sitting down to dinner and trying to roll her wheel chair close enough to answer the phone to hear from her ne’er-do-well son who never takes the time to call.

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