Governor Ralph Northam

VA Jerk664
Sic Semper Blackface
This Virginia chief exec would be a tragic political figure if he wasn’t so horrendously silly.  First he apologizes for showing up in his medical school yearbook in either blackface or a KKK outfit. (MEDICAL SCHOOL FOR HEAVENS TO BETSY SAKES…NOT HIGH SCHOOL OR IDIOT SCHOOL). Then he says, “Oops, that’s not me — because I just like to put shoe polish on my face and moonwalk like Michael Jackson.”  He would have moonwalked in front of reporters if his much wiser wife hadn’t said something like, “For God’s sake Ralphie, knock that crap off — and resign — since we can’t show any face in public in Virginia for the foreseeable future.”  Many sane politicians have offered to give Ralph a free trip to the moon so he can walk around all he wants and not cause any more trouble for poor Mrs. Northam.

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