Mount Rushmore II

Rushmore508America needs a new set of four presidents to graphically explain the moral equivalency arguments about good and bad presidents. There are many potential candidates for Rushmore II, but the Despicable Jerks site is not a democracy. So, we decided who goes up on Rushmore II. Here is the new Despicable Jerks moral equivalency version of what some children in South Dakota call “The four guys”

Jimmy CarterGood Man – Bad President

Bill ClintonBad Man – Good President

George W. BushGood Man – Bad President

Donald J.TrumpBad Man – Bad President

Rushmore II will balance the state of South Dakota west to east. Rushmore I is located on a mountain near Rapid City, so Rushmore II will be located on a pig farm near Sioux Falls. The new faces will be sculpted on a mountain of composted manure, except one. Because Donald Trump is the worst of both worlds – in fact voted worst president in the universe by the aliens living in his hair – his likeness will be coated with fresh manure each morning by the former Trump aides serving time at the South Dakota State Penitentiary, also conveniently located in Sioux Falls.

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1 Response to Mount Rushmore II

  1. Lovely pastel rendering. Very bucolic. I can almost smell the construction material…

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