Villains of Gymnastics

The most ghastly of these despicable jerks is, of course, Dr. Larry Nasser, the Michigan State University sports physician who sexually abused little girls and young women participating in gymnastics for nearly 20 years without MSU taking any action against him. A special prosecutor is now at work to find all the faculty perps who apparently ignored what was going on. Two MSU big shots — President Lou Anna Simon and Athletic Director Mark Hollis – have quitnassarmain387 and The Detroit News is reporting there are 14 more officials who received reports of misconduct and apparently ignored them over the last two decades. How far this reaches into U.S. Gymnastics is also “being probed” – a phrase with which Dr. Nasser is disturbingly familiar.  Here’s an idea…  When all the villains are unmasked, let’s send them to Dr. Nasser in prison to be fondled, massaged and probed for eternity. Dr. Nasser’s task will be more difficult while he’s afflicted with his own punishment — a pommel horse shoved up his ass.

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