Harvey Weinstein

Harvey204“I’m ready for your closeup, Miss DeMille”.
Even Harvey admits he is a despicable jerk — falling just short of confessing he calls his penis “Miramax.” Many questions remain unanswered. For example, how many other Hollywood moguls are equally despicable? How does the liberal bastion that comprises most of the film industry explain why Harvey’s behavior went unchallenged for so many years? How much of the ten bucks I spent to see Pulp Fiction went to the starlet hush fund? These questions, and more, are likely to go unanswered in a nation that elected a president who laughs about grabbing women by the pussy.

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1 Response to Harvey Weinstein

  1. karen says:

    LOVE IT!! You are so on target. As part of that generation I will say that I absolutely know why this behavior went unchallenged for so many years. None of us were going to tell anything. Who gets the blame?

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