Kim Jong-un

Kim Jung Yuk181It’s not safe to play with matches.

The dearest of the dear leaders of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea is not only Earth’s biggest jerk, he is the most dangerous. To the untrained eye the answer seems simple, just get China to lean on him. But, China can’t lean too hard or it will be flooded by refugees — either because of unequaled famine in an already famine-stricken nation, or because war breaks out. When North Korea is defeated in that war, China would likely have a unified Korea on its border — a unified Korea that would be an American Ally. Even worse, a war could drag in China and/or Russia. Living with a nuclear North Korea could eventually see the Hermit Kingdom develop enough nuclear tipped missiles to take out a whole bunch of American cities in a single strike. A North Korea without Kim is also a bad idea — leading to civil war among the generals there and that flood of refugees into China. There is one ray of hope. War is messy and bad for business. Perhaps the angels of greed and avarice will eventually prevail to save us, or…perhaps you should invite the Mormons or the Jehovah’s Witnesses in the next time they knock on your door.

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