Governor Chris Christie

“Thar he blows!”
When New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was seen enjoying time on a beach he closed to the public because of the state’s failure to pass a budget, we thought it was a joke. But when asked about it, Christie was unapologetic. Does the governor understand how dangerous it is for him to appear for all the world as a Great White politician — beached and waiting for the ambergris poachers to tap his rich bodily fluids. His actions have caused taxpayers to view him as a greater Dick than Moby. In a perfect world he might have received a miserable sunburn, inflicted by a vengeful God who would rename him Chris “Crispy” and cause his ambergris to fund a reasonable budget for the good people of New Jersey.

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6 Responses to Governor Chris Christie

  1. ricklondon says:

    LOL Tom! Excellent, as always.

  2. Like the whale metaphor – it fits! XXXL, naturally.

  3. kerrtoons says:

    And a blow hole that isn’t fit for a family newspaper.

  4. Is “ricklondon” a nom de plume for our beloved Governator? I need to believe so, I want to believe so in places I don’t talk about at parties (not that I ever get invited).

  5. kerrtoons says:

    No, Rick is a guy I do freelance work with. He’s a writer/entrepeneur.

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