Inappropriate Jerks

alice-roosevelt013“Take a seat, honey.”

Okay, this brings up a touchy topic for a site where acting like a jerk is not only respected, but is revered in the same sense America’s First Amendment is revered. So how do we get off blasting folks like the guy who spread a fake news story about Hillary Clinton and a supposed child trafficking pizza shop or the total jerk who decided to call out Ivanka Trump face to face on a public airliner? That’s not to mention the person who ruined the holidays for your entire family by bringing up the election of 2016. Here’s how. In the unlikely event there are rules to insulting people, the first should be not insulting the kids of someone who happens to be a jerk – particularly face to face where the kid’s kids are present.

This means employing what the men and women in our Nation’s military call, “Situational Awareness.”  You can bitch and moan in front of like-minded folks, but otherwise don’t ruin a party to make your point.  (This might apply to the well-meaning cast of “Hamilton” the next time Mike Pence buys a ticket to see your fabulous show.)

So again, how do we get off blasting the folks we call “inappropriate jerks?” Here’s how. You came to us. You bought our book or you view this site because you enjoy what we’ve always called “a highly opinionated, totally bogus representation of the most egregious modern examples of both the common and the rich and powerful who demean others while enriching themselves.”

You knew when you came here that this site is created in that same loathsome spirit and is meant to be all in fun but not fun for all.  Teddy Roosevelt’s kid, Alice Roosevelt Longworth said it best.  “If you haven’t got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me.” So to our fellow jerks who read this, thanks for coming over and sitting next to us – but leave the kids and the family alone and behave yourself in public.


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2 Responses to Inappropriate Jerks

  1. petergadz says:

    Soooo. Are you apologizing for your tasteless and vile brand of humor? About time! Seriously, political correctness is the theory that the common people know what’s best for them to hear – and deserve to get it good and hard. That’s what you two wildly inappropriate scriveners deliver and we are the better for looking into your cracked funhouse mirror.

  2. kerrtoons says:

    Wow. I’ll forward this to my partner (he’s a little web challenged, so I want to make sure he sees this). We’ll strive on.

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