The Swinging Stanford Dicks

The unholy trinity: Father, son and holy crap

Three of a kind

A trio of jerks has conspired to drag civilization back at least a century, rip off its clothes and then make a frickin’ mockery of it. First there’s Stanford student Brock Turner who was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman.  (Good Lord — Unconscious?!?!?!)  Next Stanford educated Judge Aaron Persky ignored the prosecutors request that Brock be sentenced to six years in prison and only gave him six months in county lockup followed by probation saying he feared, ” a prison sentence would have a severe impact on him.” (Really?  We should hope he would learn a lesson if, like his victim, he experienced trepidation in prison at the risk he might be raped after being knocked unconscious.) And finally, Brock’s dad — a Stanford parent who called his little boy’s antics, “20 minutes of action.”  We wonder if he would have used those words if it was an unconscious daughter involved with one of Brock’s buddies. And all of this is aside from our suspicion that if Brock had been a member of a minority group from, say,  East L.A. he would be collecting Social Security before his release from prison — just as guilty, just as worthy of jail time — but three times as punished.


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