Bicycle Lunatics

Kings of the road

Road warriors

These jerks come in two extreme categories – Bicycle Haters and Motor Vehicle Haters.Both flourish in the springtime.  Bicycle Haters believe the roadways were built for them alone and hate the slow-moving spandex-covered clowns who should limit their exercise to stationary bikes at the gym. Meantime, Motor Vehicle Haters can be pompous snobs who actually believe they are cutting America’s use of petroleum by riding directly in the middle of a busy traffic lane in rush hour with something like 90-thousand trucks and cars moving at bicycle speeds and burning fuel like a Hummer in the summer. Referred to as “Beesa-Cleesists” by some, they clog major streets during rush hour and seem to be proud of it. For their part, angry motorists always feel bad after they’ve squashed a Bessacleesist. The answer, of course, is common sense and courtesy – rare commodities in Anno Domini 2016.


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