The Donald

Donald Trump is like that blowhard at the corner bar who talks so loud and long it is impossible to interrupt him with facts and logic. Since we all have friends like that, we’ve been ignoring him and all the other candidates for President. But when The Donald makes statements that not only defy the Constitution of the United States but also put us in danger, he gets our attention as well as our designation as “Despicable Jerk.” Here’s the deal: 99% of Muslims are peaceful — and there are a billion and a half of them. Muslims are the main victims of Islamic extremists and terrorists. Muslims are also the main source of information to combat these terrorists. And, if you think the skirts of religions more familiar to you are clean, please read the Battle of Jericho in your Holy Bible. It is among the earliest sets of “how-to” instructions on committing genocide in the name of God.  Just sayin’…

Donald Trump sells his product to a gullible public

Don’t drink the elixir


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2 Responses to The Donald

  1. Peter G says:

    Too true. Too True. Evil flourishes when good men and women say nothing.

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