Emerson Plugknutts

Emerson annoys at one half mile an hour faster

Allegro Non Troppo (fast but not too fast)

It may be said these days that every motorist is a jerk. Those who drive faster than we do are idiots and everyone who drives slower is a jackass. However, there is a special class of jerky motorists who are particularly vexing. Take Emerson Plugnutts for example. He sets his cruise control, stays in the left lane of the Interstate and ignores the world around him. He is the jerk who passes you doing only one quarter of one mile an hour faster than you are going. Slowly, slowly he advances but refuses to increase his speed even as the line of cars and trucks build up behind both your vehicle and his. Once he eventually passes, the angry drivers to his rear weave in and out of traffic to pass Emerson on the right and get ahead of the pack – each gesturing their displeasure to Emerson with various hand signals. Emerson ignores them and continues his selfish pattern. Best advice: slow down and let Emerson pass you and hope he eventually pulls this crap on a State Trooper who has had a bad day.


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