Walter Palmer, DDS

Cecil bags a dentist

Payback’s a bitch

This Minnesota dentist drilled right into a nerve when he shot Zimbabwe’s pet lion, Cecil, with a bow and arrow and then tracked it for 40 hours before finishing the cat off with gunfire. Hunting has a long tradition in the United States going back to when it was necessary to put meat on the table.  Many wildlife experts say it remains a useful tool for controlling overpopulation of deer and other species. But shooting Cecil is the equivalent of paying the small-town drunk ten bucks to shoot a cow in someone else’s pasture. It is like gunning down the neighbor’s cocker spaniel and then beheading and skinning it. Palmer had previously peeved the wildlife folks in Wisconsin for the illegal shooting of a black bear. By the way, Minnesota Board of Dentistry records show Palmer faced a sexual harassment complaint a few years ago. Palmer admitted no wrongdoing but had to pay a former receptionist more than $127,000. That’s twice what he paid to shoot Cecil. With his practice shrinking like a dead lion’s hide in the hot African sun, we think this jerk needs new, less expensive hobbies.


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One Response to Walter Palmer, DDS

  1. Good analogies…and that’s just being kind…… Gr8 art and concept. Way to go.

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