The Keystone Secret Service

SS agents always vigilant

From comedy to farce

Like the Keystone Cops of the silent film comedies, the United States Secret Service has at long last become a “Laff-Riot.” First there was the whore employment scandal in Columbia. Then came the incidents of maniacs jumping the White House fence, with one jumper making it to the unlocked front door and inside the mansion for a special face-on-the-floor tour of the East Room. And who can forget the night two hard-drinking agents nudged a barrier aside with their SUV to enter a crime scene near the White House – apparently to lend some boozy expertise. Now comes Tax Day, April 15th 2015, and a nut case mailman from Tampa Bay, Florida, who flew his gyrocopter through some of the (theoretically) most protected airspace in the world to land on the lawn of the Capitol Building with a fist full of protest letters. The guy even talked to the Tampa Bay Times about his trip and the paper called the Secret Service to report the crazy mailman. But the warning was apparently ignored or shelved by Chief Inspector Doofus. It’s a good thing the gyrocopter jockey was a fairly benign crank. The next guy might not be nice enough to call the local daily and might deliver something more troubling than photo-copied complaints about campaign financing.


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