Tom Cotton

Tom Cotton Crashes the party

Party Crasher

Tea Party enthusiasts and crazy people have lately been singing “I wish I was in the land of cotton,” to express their fanatical support for the equally fanatical behavior of the new junior senator from Arkansas. Tom Cotton embodies the spirit of old Dixie in that line from the de facto anthem of the confederacy as he promises to blast away all things Federal, like the Affordable Care Act, the new farm bill, and every other program designed to enhance the health and education of Americans. At the same time, he wants the Feds to spend a whole lot more on military hardware than even the most strident old hawks think is in line with both National security and Conservative spending ideals. Then, of course, there is Senator Cotton’s attempt to conduct his own foreign policy by threatening the leaders of Iran during sensitive nuclear negotiations with the U.S. State Department. Independent Senator Angus King of Maine says it’s like Congress sending a letter about the Cuban missile crisis to the Soviet Union in 1962 saying, “Don’t worry about that guy Kennedy. He doesn’t speak for the country.” History will decide if Cotton is a traitor as some have said, but he certainly qualifies as a jerk.


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