Terrorist Losers

Note to Terrorists:  Now you’ve done it, you vile pricks. You’ve forced us to line up with the French — those wine-sucking, talk-through-your-nose, effete folks who donated Vietnam to us after getting their asses kicked at Dien Bien Phu. It sure takes brave warriors to walk into an office and kill a bunch of cartoonists.CARTOONISTS (!!?!), and French

terrorist being erased by artist

That’s all we need…jihadist literary critics. Pass the kevlar.

cartoonists to boot, you idiots. Not only that, but you ambushed and executed the brave gendarmes who were there to protect freedom of expression — even expression with which they probably disagreed. So, with our noses pinched (to sound French) we join the legion declaring, “Je Suis Charlie.”


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