Kim Jong-un

Kim gives the thumbs down

“Despicable Jerks”…I give it 5 skulls. “The Interview” only gets 3.

As an entertainment critic, Kim Jong-un makes a very good public enemy and vile dictator – just like most entertainment critics. That’s usually high praise for a critic, unless you happen to be running the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and starving your citizens of more than good theater and torturing them with tools more severe than a pen. That is why Kim is a despicable jerk. He appears here for one very good reason. If he ever finds this page he will shut it down and threaten us, so it is time for every good American to sign up in this website to receive notices every time a new jerk is published. All right-thinking patriots should rush to their favorite online bookseller and order “The Modern Compendium of Despicable Jerks” before Kim corners the market on this insanely witty and colorful work. God Bless America!


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2 Responses to Kim Jong-un

  1. Peter Gadzinski says:

    I think you got the hair wrong. Great General Kim is sporting a fancy new bouffant puffy look. Very avant garde.

  2. kerrtoons says:

    Sorry, I must have used reference from the I-just-hung-drawn-and-quartered-uncle-dim-sum-days

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