Ira Goldman-Inventor of the Knee Defender

Goldman and cabin mate share pleasantries

If you think this is cramped, you should see economy

This guy’s device has been around for more than a decade, but recently it caused a dispute between passengers that forced a United flight to divert to the nearest airport and eject the unruly pair. Ira’s gadget is a pair of U-Shaped clips that can be placed over the supports for the tray table on the back of the seat in front of you.  If you’re still following along – this keeps the passenger in front from reclining his seat a bit. Purchasers of the “Knee Defender” claim it’s their right to protect their – well – their knees of course. While the passenger in front has purchased a reclining seat and feels he deserves to recline whenever he or she wants to. Since the Federal Aviation Administration and most airlines prohibit the use of Ira’s device, he must wear the “Jerk” label. But, the true jerks are the airlines that honestly believe passengers should actually be sitting inside the assholes of whoever is sitting in front of them to further minimize space requirements and maximize profits.


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