Governor Rick Perry

Rick poses for his yearbook picture

Better hope he don’t get the hangin’ judge-after all, it is Texas.

Since the title “Despicable Jerk” is a prerequisite for entering politics, Governor Perry’s image does not appear here because he threatened to cut funds to a Texas county attorney arrested for drunk driving who happened to be a Democrat. His image – which is vastly superior to the mug shot taken when he was arrested for coercing a publicly elected official into leaving office – is here for a more simple reason. When asked if he remembered the two Republican county attorneys in Texas whose DUI arrests and convictions he ignored during his tenure, Perry failed to use the same stupid – yet humorous and endearing — phrase he employed when he couldn’t recall which three agencies of government he would eliminate as president. “I can’t. Sorry. Oops.” Even the most fervent supporters of the Texas governor had to shake their heads in private and say, “Dumb sumbitch.”


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