Hawkeye Senate Candidates

Hawkeye candidates prove that there's no such thing as a good politician

They’re running. So are we.

Democrat Bruce Braley and Republican Joni Ernst both grew up on Iowa farms and they are now busy trying to “out-jerk” each other in the Iowa U.S. Senate race. Braley threatened to sue his own Holiday Lake Owner’s Association because a neighbor’s chicken trespassed on his vacation property. A frickin’ Chicken — In Iowa for heavens-to-Betsy sakes. The owner of the trespassing chicken is a fellow Democrat and is upset Braley didn’t just call her to settle the matter neighbor to neighbor. Meantime. Ernst opened her campaign saying, “I grew up castrating hogs on an Iowa farm.” Not since Christine O’Donnell declared, “I am not a witch,” in Delaware’s 2010 senate contest has there been such glee among late night comedians. While castrating pigs is a necessary duty to be sure, is Ernst also making a lightly veiled threat to separate the “nuts” from the swine overwhelming the Federal bureaucracy? In any event, this is also the best Jerky example of why politics is America’s greatest spectator sport.


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