Vladimir Putin

Cossak in charge.

Is not to worry-is just another Olympic event. Invasion more fun than bobsled, da?

What can you say about a cold-blooded thug who rules Russia with an iron fist and parades around the countryside without a shirt or any discernable sense of humor – or taste for that matter. He is, after all, wildly popular in his own country, which has pretty much always been ruled by Czars and other dictators. As commentator George Will says, he runs a nation that has a third world economy and a first world army. It’s a dangerous combination and a little more than disconcerting as he snatches the Crimea from Ukraine and may have his heart set on grabbing even more of the old Soviet Union for Mother Russia. Is he a jerk? You bet! Particularly when you consider a century ago World War I began in the same corner of the globe with far less provocation.


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2 Responses to Vladimir Putin

  1. Richard Dinsmore says:

    Well done, both art and verse. Thx

  2. kerrtoons says:

    Most appreciated. Thanks for your comment.

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