The Bickering Bandits of Washington

Alas, honor is not satisfied

The duel.

The cranky jerks we’ve sent to Washington have shut the government down while threatening to stop paying for stuff they’ve already purchased by passing previous legislation. That’s right. If they don’t raise the debt ceiling they’re just like the son-of-a-bitch who buys the Ford and then stops paying off the loan. And, we can’t even hire a repo man to get our Ford back. And if that happens, America’s credit rating drops a notch or two, which will also raise the interest on any loan you and I get if we really do buy a Ford – not to mention the rate on our credit cards. Republicans won’t budge because they don’t like Obamacare – without knowing whether or not it will actually work. The Democrats case would be a little stronger if President Obama hadn’t actually cast a vote against raising the debt ceiling back when he was Senator Obama. Since government purchases make up 20% of the economy, failure will be spelled FAILURE – with all the bills eventually coming due to the poor bastard caught in the middle. That’s us of course.


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