Mayor Bob Filner

Filner makes the rounds

A public office is a public lust.

Are we surprised the mayor of the 8th largest city in America wants to wear his women employees like a hat? Do we fault this former congressman and progressive champion for squeezing the butts of his female employees and requesting some of them to save their underwear for formal occasions and go commando while on the job at City Hall? Do we point fingers at San Diego’s chief executive for slobbering on the cheeks of the ladies on his staff and forcing his tongue down the throats of unwilling public servants? You’re damn right we do, but what elevates this loathsome character to this forum of despicable jerks is his insistence the public foot the bill for two weeks of “therapy” where he will most likely study his problem with sex surrogates. As Ron Burgundy would say, “You stay classy San Diego.”

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