Paula Deen

No matter how much butter you add or how gooey the production, it’s tough to excuse Paula Deen’s string of apologies. She’s sorry she used a bad word, but a lot of good folks born in 1947 used the same word and have now given up saying that word because they and their Nation have evolved over the last seven decades. However, it is impossible to swallow the weepy apologetic messages without a very large spoonful of sugar. Adding that sugar to Paula’s recipes may kill off fans who will mercifully miss any further mea culpas.

Paula slings more than hash

“You want sugar fries with that?”


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4 Responses to Paula Deen

  1. Peter G says:

    Lard – one of the South’s major food groups. Others include sugar, bacon and okra.

  2. kerrtoons says:

    How I forgot them I’ll never know.

    • Peter G says:

      Clearly, because you exist on a healthy Omaha diet of Rueben sandwiches, triple thick burgers, beer batter fries and Diet Coke,

  3. kerrtoons says:

    It wouldn’t be healthy without the Diet Coke

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