Edward Snowden


Snowden on his way out

“I hear there’s a lot of solemnly swearing going on-especially at the NSA”

This revealer of National Security Agency secrets is not the brightest bulb in the pack. And, Edward Snowden is clearly not a man of his word. When you sign up for a government clearance you sit through a long session where you are told this:  “You can’t tell anyone anything for how long?  Forever.  Can we all say ‘FOREVER?’ Gooooood. And if you do tell anyone, how long will you go to jail?  Again, can we say ‘FOREVER?’  Verrrrrry Good.” It’s that simple. Then you get a big paycheck, great benefits, and more days off then the Rockefellers. Edward could have said, “Thank you very much, but I think I would prefer not to know things and work as a pool boy.” But no, this Despicable Jerk signed up, made a promise and then broke it. At best he is an idiot. At worst he is a spy. Since he ran away from his pole-dancing girlfriend, we vote “idiot.”


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