The Kansas-Missouri Acts

Todd Akin reads from the book of stupid

Todd Akin reads from the book of stupid.

Yoder takes a leap of faith

“Now this is what I call PARTY politics!”

Todd Akin — This “Show Me” state congressman has clearly demonstrated he has the right stuff for his designation as a Despicable Jerk. Fresh off a big win in Missouri’s 2012 Republican senate primary, Todd Akin told a reporter he believes in something called “legitimate rape.” His definition may prove to be accurate – at least in the political sense – if the folks who voted for him now feel violated.

Kevin Yoder  — In what can only be described as a “Revelation,” Kansas Congressman Kevin Yoder has admitted to taking off his clothes and jumping into the Sea of Galilee during a 2011 fact-finding trip to Israel. He was joined in his impromptu swim by other members of congress and some of their family members, who apparently tagged along to also find facts. One of the facts they might have researched earlier was the rampant pollution that has transformed the sea into what some scientists call a “Biblical Cesspool.” That may be why Jesus walked on the water rather than swim through it. Like Vidkun Quisling’s name is now a synonym for traitor, the word “Yoder” might one day become a common nickname for someone in power who suddenly decides to disrobe. People would then say, “What a Yoder.”

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5 Responses to The Kansas-Missouri Acts

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  2. Peter Gadzinski says:

    You can’t make this stuff up!

  3. kerrtoons says:

    It’s nice to see it comes from such a nice pair of Midwestern boys. Last one in is a rotten egg.

  4. steve says:

    What a perfect fit for you blog! — How easy was this Jerk!

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