Jess Playne Knutz


You mean this is against the law?

This is the guy who shows up in school, a political meeting, theater, or perhaps a house of worship from time to time and opens fire. He may use automatic weapons or a simple, easily obtainable handgun. There seems to be no stopping him these days. His name and physical features change from case to case, but his true identity remains the same. Some folks want stricter laws, but Jess will always find a way to find a weapon and he certainly has no respect for any law. Others say more weapons in the hands of law-abiding citizens would cut the losses Jess inflicts. But, what happens when Citizen One starts firing back at Jess when Citizen Two sees Citizen One and opens fire on the wrong target? Now multiply that effect. A better mental health system has also been suggested. But, Jess Playne Knutz is the last guy who will seek help. There appears to be no solution, but perhaps there is a glimmer of hope in the outrage felt by most people across the political spectrum and the fact we still see Jess as a human aberration.


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