Ephraim Buttchair

I'm on lake time

Gollee, this percentage stuff is hard. Take a seat while I figure it out.

Ephraim is a very pleasant, soft spoken gentleman who moves at his own pace. He runs the car-pontoon-porta-potty rental agency in Lazy Lake, Minnesota. Vacationers are often frustrated at the pace of operations at the agency since they are paying 2-thousand-bucks-a-week for their cabin and only have a week to unwind and relax. As Ephraim fills out many forms in triplicate and asks many questions such as, “Is that Mr. Smith with an “i” or Mr. Smythe with a “y” and “e,” the vacationing customer will often explode in anger, occasionally trying to throttle Ephraim. In extreme circumstances the vacationer will collapse and require an even longer vacation at one of Minnesota’s fine mental health facilities.

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  1. Damion Cairns says:

    very nice put up, i definitely love this website, carry on it

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