Jefferson and Hamilton

Mine's bigger than yours

“OK, let’s compromise, our descendants will become despicable jerks”

Every Fourth of July features patriotic speeches by wing nuts on the left and right – each side claiming they are heirs to the “truth” spoken by the founding fathers. Here’s the thing. Both sides are correct. Founders Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were at war with a conflicting understanding of American power and the American people long before there was a constitution to argue about. Hamilton loved bankers and financiers and felt government existed to help them compete in the global market. That may be why he is on the ten dollar bill. Jefferson loved the little guy, especially farmers, and felt government should be helping the common man on whom the commercialists preyed. He only made the two dollar bill. Hamilton wanted the few to rule in the name of the people, but Jefferson wanted the many. It’s a bit more complicated than that, but in the end they compromised and formed a government. The jerks who rule in their place have the differences down perfectly. Now, if they only reflected a bit more on the founder’s record of compromise…



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  1. g2mc says:

    very nice post!

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