John Edwards

Long before he was a candidate for President and years away from impregnating a hot blond while his wife was dying of cancer, John Edwards was already making a name for himself in the highest tradition of legal jerks. A successful and wealthy attorney, John gained fame for winning bazillion dollar settlements from large companies by, for example, convincing juries the companies had “coerced” employees to “work” by offering them “income.” He believed everyone with large amounts of money was guilty of something and should pay for their real and imagined crimes. At least he believed it until he asked people with lots of money to pay the hot blond lots of money so he could hide his despicable behavior. It’s said that as a boy, John was often taunted by playmates for his wearing three-piece suits to third grade class and carrying his lunch in a briefcase.

John as a pre schooler

Lie? Cheat? Steal? Why, I’m the ideal president.

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