Three Stooges of the Financial Crisis

three donkeys of the apocalypse

See some evil, say some evil, do some evil

While Bernie Madoff would have been a criminal during the best of times, a very large book would be needed to chronicle all the jerks who created the financial crisis surfacing in 2008, but initiated years before.  So we’ve created the three stooges of the crisis to represent all the jerks who emptied the 401(k) accounts of millions of Americans.  First, there’s Fontenelle Richpants Esq, CEO of Gotcha-Bydah-Balls Investment Banker Conglomerate who was spending a million dollars to redecorate his office, playing bridge, and selling off his shares as his company collapsed around him. Then there’s Senator Norton Borling who voted to remove pesky Federal regulations preventing right-thinking capitalists from screwing average Americans out of their retirement funds. (Senator Borling’s government retirement fund is just fine, thank you.) And finally, Bud Henderson of Silvery Garden’s Park, California, who gladly accepted the large loan he couldn’t possibly pay off because he believed the Gotcha-Bydah-Balls local lender who convinced him it was okay to buy a bigger house than you need and borrow more than the house is worth because prices would always – always – go up stratospherically.  Great job guys!  You are all despicable jerks.


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