Captain Francesco Schettino

Captain shows leadership skills

Nobody here but us chickens.

 Already dubbed “Chicken of the Sea,” Captain Francesco Schettino believes in the phrase “Women and Children last,” when it comes to disasters at sea. This is particularly true when he causes the disaster in the first place. Francesco took the giant cruise ship Costa Concordia on a joy ride off the west coast of Italy, running it over a sharp rock and ripping a Titanic-style gash through several water-tight compartment sections. He apparently wanted to brush an island coastline to wave at some chicks. Instead, the ship tipped over and drowned some of the passengers. Italian authorities are not amused and have charged the captain with many crimes. For his part, Francesco says he tripped and fell into the lifeboat. But investigators think it odd since he was carrying his suitcase, a teddy bear and a bottle of wine at the time.


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9 Responses to Captain Francesco Schettino

  1. Jane Pohlman says:

    Very funny!

  2. Hilarious.. the whole thing!

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  4. Ziggy says:

    I like the part about the teddy bear and the chicken feet…..not funny that over 3 dozen dead… and the rest of the group traumatized for life. Did my “bucket list” cruise in 2010 on the “mexican rivera”….went for the all day most of the night music from the blues musicians….but the rest of the accommodations were similar to “summer camp”. Cruise ships are 10 times more filthy than a hotel room.

  5. pettifore says:

    Cute cartoon! How Schettino could have “accidentally fallen into a life boat” is a joke in itself. It’s also funny when he said he’s never going to get on a boat again and plans to change his life. At this point his life will certainly change from being a captain to being a prisoner. Way to go Schettino!

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