Dr. Conrad Murray

Conrad makes house calls

"Take 475 propofol and call me in the morning."

Most folks fall fast asleep after consuming a turkey dinner or a glass of warm milk. Dr. Conrad Murray ignored these time-tested, inexpensive remedies and chose a more exotic sleep aid for his wealthy patient, Michael Jackson. Instead of turkey or milk, Dr. Murray administered the surgical anesthetic propofol. He did it again and again and again. To be fair, propofol will certainly put a person to sleep – to the point you can remove all their internal organs and sell them as the patient dreams of hiring a better doctor. Propofol can also be used to knock down a charging rhino. Dr. Murray might have offered safer alternatives, such as head-bashing with a baseball bat (also guaranteed to put a person to sleep), but chose the more expensive solution (economic times being what they are.) Now that Dr. (soon to be Mr.) Murray has been found guilty of causing Michael Jackson’s death, he will begin a new life as a prison inmate. His knowledge of prescription narcotics may remain marketable in that setting.


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  1. Your good Tom, really good..

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