Dick Cheney

If you think he can't shoot, you should see him write.

"I thought it was a public service to shoot lawyers."

Mr. Cheney’s book about his time as vice president caused him to be labeled a jerk by no less than Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell and George W. Bush.  Cheney was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, home to a sky-scraping state capitol building natives often call “the phallus of the prairie.”  Destined to become a towering titan himself, he is best remembered for shooting a hunting partner in Texas. It is notable that Mr. Cheney did not skin, cook and eat his victim, who survived the incident. It is doubly fortunate since the buckshot recipient is a lawyer. (Mr. Cheney still believes his target resembled a quail.) It is important to note that if crack-shot Sarah Palin had been vice president, the Texas lawyer would be a dead man.


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One Response to Dick Cheney

  1. Peter says:

    Were you channeling George C. Scott as Patton in the drawing? The resemblance is remarkable. Add a gleaming helmet and a set of ivory-handled shooters and you have the man!

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