Angelique Davenport

Our savior, Elle Duce

If it was great, I did it. If it wasn't, it's your fault.

At first glance, Angelique appears the polar opposite of a jerk. She is CEO of Save the Chipmunks, an international organization raising funds for the preservation of small, cute, furry creatures. She is smart, attractive, and she is an accomplished schmoozer at fund-raising cocktail parties. Only her direct reports are exposed to the vicious, back-stabbing bitch who takes full credit for the work of more talented underlings and wipes her own mistakes on the careers of those same underlings – usually in front of the board of directors. This is the same board that continues to press for better performance and more change while ignoring the fact Angelique has replaced her staff seven times and remains the only link to the checkered history of mistakes. In a perfect world Angelique would be attacked by cute, furry chipmunks, leaving only a pair of earrings and a pile of slick bones.

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