Hairbrain Club For Men

Schwarzenegger, Edwards and Weiner charter members

The Three Musketeers, Assos, Promiscuous and Arnold

While former President Bill “Cigar Man” Clinton will forever be the champion of this club and other famous miscreants are certainly on its honor roll,  this recent trio deserves a special place in the pantheon of politicians who betray women who are loyal, attractive, talented, rich and famous (any two will do). Sexual misconduct by rich and powerful men is nothing new, but Anthony Weiner, Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Edwards have blazed the most recent public rockets (imagery intended) of self-destructive behavior across the political stratosphere. If only they were funnier they could play the three stooges with their pants down.


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2 Responses to Hairbrain Club For Men

  1. Peter Gadzinski says:

    I am shocked (shocked!) that your flaccid series would besmirch the public banners of gentlemen of such considerable and tumescent parts. It is a sad day indeed when upright leaders boasting both rigid morals and erect stature are sullied in the yellow press.
    Deflated in Omaha

  2. kerrtoons says:

    Dear Deflated,
    Posturing like that is sure to empty the gasbag. No wonder you’re deflated. Did you use a thesaurus before you wrote? Hardly.
    Our new motto: Thoughtful and sensitive ‘r’ us

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