Wing Nuts

left wing right wing standoff

Democracy in inaction

Left Wing Democratic Congressman Lance Wiltfong of Fois Gras, California, and Right Wing Republican Congressman Bobby “Buck” Shott of Crappopolis, South Carolina, will never agree on anything except this:  Compromise equals capitulation. Lance grew up reading Karl Marx and knows big corporations are the root of all evil. Bobby grew up reading Ayn Rand and knows labor unions are the root of all evil. Lance will never accept pension reform for public employees – many of whom are relatives. Bobby will never accept higher taxes on the wealthy because he knows they create jobs – in foreign countries. Each of these characters will ensure the other guy wins his next election. With no compromise, the public always loses since neither wing stands a chance of totally eclipsing the other. However, Lance and Bobby always win when nothing is done and nothing changes.


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