Hosni Mubarek

Hosni the Hutt

I'll step down after I've eaten you. OK?

Egypt’s Hosni Mubarek or “Hosni the Hutt” as he’s known in Foggy Bottom, has always been a despicable jerk.  But as the U.S. State Department historically maintains, “he may be a despicable jerk, but he’s OUR despicable jerk.”  Not as vicious a leader as many, Hosni still operated under the usual three rules of dictatorial assumption. 1.  I know what’s best for you.  2. I really know what’s best for you.  3. I will nail your sorry ass to a fence (or a pyramid) if you don’t think I really know what’s best for you.  The pitfall for citizens in former dictatorships is often themselves.  If they merely seek to replace the tyrant they hate with one they love, they will become the most despicable jerks of all.


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