Fawn Poppulario

Fawn enters the intersection


Fawn is a typical selfish suburban teenager who lives her life in the world of texts and twitters. Her cell phone is always in use, usually in text mode, even when she is operating a motor vehicle. That’s when she is truly a menace. Fawn concentrates on her texting while weaving blindly in and out of traffic. Innocent motorists plow into each other or veer off the road to avoid her. Oblivious to the risk and rising death toll, Fawn learns of the mayhem she causes when friends send her messages about tragedies occurring along her regular routes. She often returns a text saying, “OMG, I can’t believe I missed it. I was right there when it happened.” Fawn remains unaffected, unconcerned and totally oblivious of her atrocious behavior.


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