Francine Mortimer-Farnsfoort

Francine Mortimer-Farnsfoort

Losers come in second, Daisy!

Francine is matriarch of a family business. She and her vile spawn can be found in front of shopping lines at major stores before Christmas. They glom up prime “door-buster” deals (only five-or-less available at each store) at 3 a.m.  They trample anyone and everyone who dares get in their way. They have been known to snatch products away from other shoppers, pummeling them into submission. But, Francine’s most profitable moments come just before Christmas Day when she sells her purchases on eBay for substantial profit. Although the Christmas season is her favorite time of the year, Francine and  her relatives are busy all year. They often buy blocks of tickets for major concerts and sporting events and scalp them on line or in person. If you see Francine outside the Super Bowl, don’t suggest her behavior is atrocious or she will wave at you in a way that does not require the use of all her fingers.

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