Bernie Madoff

Bernie Madoff

Double or nothing?

If Bernie Madoff had been born first, Charles Ponzi would have been accused of running a “Madoff Scheme.”  Madoff succeeded beyond Ponzi’s wildest dreams – operating the biggest investment fraud in American history by transforming thousands of investors into twitching piles of elder-goo. Trusting friends invested personal dollars as well as funds for their charitable organizations. Even his own sister was not spared. Madoff’s special brand of callous greed was rewarded by allowing him to live in his palatial New York apartment rather than a rat-infested cell during his long trial. The recent auction of Madoff’s personal belongings raised nearly nothing compared with the debt he rang up during his career.  While the old saying, “There ain’t no justice,” may apply, there are optimists who believe Madoff will eventually go to hell, screw up Satan’s investments and suffer real consequences.



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