Ed Bob Feeney

Mechnic from Hell

'Yer dilapodator's shot, and they don't run cheap.

As cold weather descends on the Northern Hemisphere, no one is happier than Ed Bob Feeney.  Cold weather brings out the worst in automobiles and trucks just when you most need them.

Ed is owner-operator of Ed Bob Feeney’s Wrenching Experience Brake and Tune-up Center in Cleveland, Ohio.  He is the mechanic who makes customers feel like morons when bringing their cars in for repair.

Ed Bob will often ask customers to imitate the sound of their misbehaving engines as smirking grease-stained employees stifle laughter and hork coffee out their noses. Cars not properly repaired are never returned to Ed Bob’s place since he is clearly an expert who never makes mistakes and customers are simple inexperienced idiots.


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