Kim Jung-il

The mouth that roared

Constantly needs attention

Recent news that this diminutive rascal has made great strides during the past year in his quest for enriched uranium puts Kim in the top ranks of the despicable list. Back in the good old days he kept his efforts to detonating poorly constructed atomic bombs, but like his reported romantic exploits the end result was “fizzle-pop-Dang!” While the BBC quotes diplomats and escaped dissidents describing the North Korean dictator as a “vain, paranoid, cognac-guzzling hypochondriac,” most informed sources describe the “Dear Leader” as “just plain nuts.”  Taking office after the death of his “Even More Dear Leader” father in 1994, Kim Jung-il celebrated with banquets as famine swept his nation killing two million of his fellow citizens. Ever since then he’s been trying to better that record. In the dubious pantheon of North Korean national heroes the “despicable” designation bestowed here might be considered high praise indeed.


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