People Are No Damn Good

common garden variety politician

lecher or leader?

People are no damn good.  Easy to say.  Easy to believe.  If you expect goodness from everyone, you will be be disappointed more than pleased.  However, if you expect the worst, who knows, you may be pleasantly surprised more often than you’d suspect.  It’s something to keep in mind with the Fall 2010 election now history.

On the other hand, you may simply subscribe to the absolutely bogus words of Juan Itaska, founder of the Liberty Valance School of Journalism, and say, “Don’t vote.  It only encourages them.”

It is in that vile spirit we launch a Website dedicated to Despicable Jerks.  Some of them are like people you know.  Others are people you will vote for — or against.  And still others will have an impact on life as we know it and always remain beyond our control — but not our “blogabuse”.

We look forward to your contributions to this officially Despicable Website as together we move into the unknown abyss of the future.

The Editors salute you (even though you are probably no good.)


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